Established in 2017, Street Books ATX is inspired by the 501(c)3 (i.e www.streetbooks.org) operating in Portland. Oregon. After receiving approval from the board of directors to use the Street Books name, I met with Laura Moulton and Diana Rempe at a National Book Foundation conference in Astoria, New York.


StreetBooksATX began as a self funded project. A cargo bicycle frame was purchased from a company in Denton, Texas Urban Tribe Cargobikes (now known as BunchBike)A custom cargo box was then built and finished to reflect the unique character of our community.

A videographer (i.e Tony Lopez-Cepero) came on board to follow from the construction phase through operation in the streets and parks of Austin. We met at Austin SBF 2017.


Although the Austin operation is separated from the Portland organization, we stand in solidarity to promote the same ideals: compassion for those in challenging living conditions through the medium of reading. By sharing stories, our goal is to inspire hope rather than hopelessness.


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